The Mnemonic Words application is developed for users of any age and level of knowledge who are actively learning English or just want to enlarge their English vocabulary. The introduced system of interval repetitions will allow you to effectively study simultaneously a large number of English words and phrases.

Systematization of words

English words you want to remember will be distributed in small lists.

Repetition system

To memorize English words, the most effective repetition system has been introduced. Read


Popular English words and phrases, sorted by topic, difficulty levels and parts of speech.


A variety of exercises that will help you learn new words in a fun and quick way.


English dictionary with transcription, audio, interpretation, synonyms and usage examples.


Opportunity to repeat the words as on your mobile device, and on the website www.mnemonicwords.com


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An indispensable assistant in learning English language

The Mnemonic Words application will help you significantly expand your vocabulary of the English language with little effort.

All this is possible thanks to the proper organization of your lists with words, various workouts for memorization and an effective method of interval repetition.